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Image of L. Elaine Miller in the Australian outback, 2008

Examples of our writing work

Renée Otmar

Peer-reviewed journal articles and abstracts

Otmar, R., Henry, M.J., Kotowicz, M.A., Nicholson, G.C., Korn, S. & Pasco, J.A. (2011). 'Patterns of treatment in Australian men following fracture', Osteoporosis International 22: 249–54.

Otmar, R. et al., 'A cultural models approach to osteoporosis prevention and treatment', 20th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Bone and Mineral Society, Adelaide, Australia, 5–8 September 2010.


Marketing Your Freelance Editing Business: A step-by-step guide for Australian editors, Otmar Miller Consultancy Pty Ltd (2011)

Book (memoir/true crime)

In Cold Blood: The murder of baby Jordan, Cape Town, South Africa: New Africa Books (2007)

A look behind the scenes of the world's first recorded contract killing of a child.

Book chapters

'Cold Blood', in L. Cameron (ed.) Outside the Law 3: Australian true crime stories, Scoresby, Vic.: The Five Mile Press (2009)

[with M. Hamilton, A. Ritter & T. King] 'Contemporary Issues and Challenges for the Future', in M. Hamilton, T. King & A. Ritter (eds) Drug Use in Australia: Preventing harm, 2nd edn, South Melbourne: Oxford University Press (2004)

This chapter introduces several themes relating to contemporary issues and their implications for the future of drug use, treatment and policy.

Fact sheets and articles

Around 120 different articles, fact sheets, brochures and pamphlets on drugs and drug prevention; for professionals, schools, parents and young people (2002-07)

Drugs and their effects (2006-07) —information booklet translated into Albanian, Amharic, Chinese, Dari, Persian (Farsi), Somali, Tigrinya and Vietnamese languages


Books for primary school students

The Koori Peoples (Inquizitive series), South Melbourne: Pearson Education Australia (2000)

An introduction for primary school students to the Indigenous peoples of south-eastern Australia and their traditions.

[with R. Jenkins]

Good Neighbours (Inquizitive series), South Melbourne: Pearson Education Australia (2000)

Two primary school students keep in touch by email, comparing their lives in New Zealand and Australia.


L. Elaine Miller

Books for legal professionals and students

Contributing author to Australian Law Dictionary, Oxford University Press (2009)

Contributing author to Cambridge Legal Studies: HSC (2nd edn, Cambridge University Press, 2010) and Cambridge Legal Studies: Preliminary, 2nd edn, Cambridge University Press (2009)

Journal articles

'Wrongful Action Answered: The role of retribution in responses to crime', Australian Journal of Legal Philosophy 29 (2004)

This paper is a critical attack on retributive theories of criminal punishment, specifically that of Jean Hampton, as articulated in 'Correcting Harms versus Righting Wrongs: The goal of Retribution', UCLA Law Review 39 (1992).

'Substance and Change: Australian national identity', Dissent 15 (Spring 2004)

In this article the author argues that multiculturalism is compatible with a national identity which is in a constant state of flux, but is nonetheless firmly fixed in abstract civic values.