pictureImage of L. Elaine Miller in the Australian outback, 2008

Examples of our editing work


The Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Australian Modern (Melbourne University Publishing, 2004)

A Way of Life: An apprenticeship with Frank Lloyd Wright (Images Publishing, 2001)

Arts and popular culture

Dancing with De Beauvoir (Melbourne University Publishing, 2004)

The Ideas Market (Melbourne University Publishing, 2004)

SBS World Guide, 8th, 9th & 11th edns (Hardie Grant, 2000, 2001 & 2003)


Branches of the Tree (rcd Books, 2000)


Drama Reloaded (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Cookery for the Hospitality Industry, 6th edn (Cambridge University Press, 2011)

World Issues Come to Australia (4 titles, Pearson Heinemann, 2008)

Heinemann Media 2 (Heinemann, 2004)

Educational theory

Why Not the Best Schools? (ACER Press, 2008)

Listen to Me, Listen to You: A step-by-step guide to communication skills training (ACER Press, 2008)

New Learning: Elements of a science of education (Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Values Education in Schools: A resource book for student enquiry (Oxford University Press, 2008)

Teacher-Parent Collaboration: Early childhood to adolescence (ACER Press, 2008)

Children's Ways of Knowing: Learning through experience (ACER Press, 2001)


98%pure (Otmar Miller Consultancy, 2005)

The Rocky Mountain Railroad & the Runaway Caboose (Red Mountain Publishing, 2003)

Geology/Coastal science

The Coast of Australia (Cambridge University Press, 2008)


Children of Parents with Mental Illness 1 & 2 (ACER Press, 1999 & 2004)


Australia's Convict Past (2 titles, Harcourt Education, 2008)

Olims Hotel Canberra: Through the ages (CL Creations, 2007)

Human rights

American Torture (Melbourne University Publishing, 2007)

Indigenous peoples

Yulunga: Indigenous traditional games (Australian Sports Commission, 2008)

Honour Among Nations? Treaties and agreements with indigenous people (Melbourne University Press, 2004)


Jurisprudence (Oxford University Press, 2010)

Australia's Hidden Homeless: Community-Based Approaches to Asylum Homelessness (Hotham Mission Asylum Seeker Project, 2010)

Advocacy Manual (Australian Advocacy Institute, 2008)

Australian Family Law (Oxford University Press, 2008)

Business Law (Oxford University Press, 2008)

High-Risk Offenders: Post-sentence supervision and detention (Sentencing Advisory Council, 2007)

Sentence Indication and Specified Sentence Discounts (Sentencing Advisory Council, 2007)

Death Investigation and the Coroner's Inquest (Oxford University Press, 2006)

International Trade Law of the WTO (Oxford University Press, 2006)

Suspended Sentences of Imprisonment: discussion paper and final report (Sentencing Advisory Council, 2005 and 2006)


The Encyclopedia of Religion in Australia (Cambridge University Press, 2010)


Goody: The highs and lows, Simon Goodwin with Shane Mensforth (Pan Macmillan Australia, 2010)

Yulunga: Indigenous traditional games (Australian Sports Commission, 2008)

Testing resource manual for Talent Assessment Centres (Australian Sports Commission, 2008)

Sports Coach various issues of this journal (Australian Sports Commission, 2005-07)

Extreme Sports series (Macmillan Education Australia, 2001)