Image of L. Elaine Miller, 2009Image of Elaine and Dirk riding a camel, 2008

L. Elaine Miller

Senior Consultant

L. Elaine Miller grew up in southern Ohio, in the United States of America.
She completed her undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University, with honors and distinction in the liberal arts. With an educational background in analytic philosophy and an interest in questions about realism and objectivity, she went on to earn two Master of Arts degrees, in philosophy and in English. The lure of the popular media then led her to work for two years as a journalist and editor in sports and the arts.

In 1992, a move to London, England opened the doors to the book industry, where Elaine began as an editorial assistant at Cassell. Arriving in Melbourne, Australia in 1994, Elaine continued her career in publishing, progressing to positions as an editor and senior editor at Macmillan and then at the Australian Council for Educational Research before joining Renée Otmar as an independent editorial contractor.

During this period, Elaine undertook a law degree at Monash University, obtaining the Bachelor of Laws in 2004 and then completing the requirements for admission to practise. She is a member of the union for the communication and arts industries (the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance) and has served on the committee of the Society of Editors (Victoria) in various positions, most recently as union liaison. Elaine has presented papers and talks on labour topics and matters of general interest to the publishing industry, as well as on politics, philosophy and jurisprudence. She is a member of the Australian Society for Legal Philosophy and specialises in writing and editing legal publications for government bodies, as well as academic books. She frequently travels between Australia and the USA, and in 2010–11 spent some time in Princeton, New Jersey, researching and beginning work on a novel touching on the American Civil War.

Elaine is married to Dr Dirk Baltzly, Associate Professor in philosophy at Monash University.


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